How to Make a Pinhole Camera (Explanatory)

When someone makes a pinhole camera, there are 3 steps. Gathering all the materials, seal it from outside light, and make the pinhole shutter.

First, gather the materials. To make it one will need a standard sized shoebox, tape, black paint, a sewing needle, knife, and a spare piece of cardboard.

Next, seal the camera from outside light. Use the black paint and paint the entire inside of the shoe box and the inside of the lid of the shoe box. Then use the tape to seal any cracks of light coming from the corners of the shoe box. Take the knife and cut a square hole the size of a penny in the long side of the box in the middle to make the shutter opening. This will be covered when we make the shutter. This will ensure that no extra light in getting inside the camera and ruining the darkroom paper.

The last step is making the pinhole shutter and the flap that will cover it. Take the knife and cut off two squares of the extra cardboard approximately 2 inches in size. Poke a pin sized hole into one of them and position it so it’s inside the middle of the hole we put into the shoe box. Tape it to the inside of the shoe box and make sure the only light going into the shoebox is from the pinhole. Take the other square of cardboard and tape it to the shoebox so that it makes a flap that can cover the pinhole like a camera shutter.

Now that the camera is finished take the darkroom photo paper and tape it to the inside of the shoebox opposite to the pinhole. Take a picture by keeping it still and opening the flap for roughly 15-30 seconds.

Word Count- 300




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