Finding Photography (Narrative)

This is why photography is my passion. I started off trying different types of art, I realized I enjoyed the process of taking photos, and I decided to buy a camera.

To begin with, I always loved art and I always wanted to pursue it in some way. So during middle school and and my freshman year of high school, I took drawing classes. As they got more advanced I realized it wasn’t my thing.  I decided to look into other forms of art like computer graphics. I enjoyed editing photos on the computer, but it still involved drawing.

My next step was taking photography 1 my sophomore year. I got a phone with a good camera, and I was on my way. I realized I really enjoyed taking film and digital photos. The process of working in a darkroom and developing film; although fun wasn’t my thing either. There were too many steps involved and you can ruin your film easily. When it came to digital photography, I had a lot of fun. All I had to do was adjust 3 different settings and I could get pretty decent pictures.

Lastly, when I realized I had a knack for photography ,I decided it was time that I bought myself an actual camera. The camera on my phone was decent but it couldn’t compete with a DSLR. I spent almost a year saving the little money I could get from my birthday, Christmas, and summer jobs to get enough for the camera I wanted. I went on amazon and it took about a week of looking to find the best deal on the camera I wanted. Once I found it for a good price and the accessories I wanted, I bought it. With that camera I’ve been able to take some pretty awesome pictures (although I might be biased).
Word Count- 309


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