Why People Should Invest in an Actual Camera (Persuasive)

With the advent of the cell phone camera, photography has become a part of millions of American’s everyday life. People should invest in an actual camera instead of relying on their cellphones. Although convenient cellphones do not have the image quality, lens versatility, and manual control.

To Start, cameras have higher quality, they are designed to produce an image. The processing software on a smartphone isn’t as advanced. A real camera will also help quality, the lense on a camera has optical zoom versus a smartphone’s digital zoom. The smartphone is using software to zoom in the image which overall loses quality. Optical zoom magnifies the image using lenses and mirrors instead. Producing a better image.

Furthermore, DSLR cameras have lens versatility. You are able to find a specific lens for the type of pictures you want to take. For example, if you are taking landscape photos you might want to use a zoom lens. It will allow you to zoom in on certain parts of an area and crop the image to what what looks best. For portrait photography you could use a smaller lens that has a shallow depth of field. It makes your subject focused but the background blurry which is aesthetically pleasing for portrait photography. DSLR allows you to choose what lense you want to use.

Most importantly, cameras let you do infinitely more to an image. Many point and shoot cameras and DSLR cameras have a manual mode that let you control 3 different things. ISO which makes the picture more or less grainy, shutter speed which is how long the sensor is exposed to light, and aperture which open and close to control how much light is going into the sensor. Although smartphones are now adding manual features to their camera apps, it won’t ever come close to the preciseness of an actual camera.

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